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"Want to conjure up a pop fans' dream band? That's exactly what The Orange Humble Band is."

The Orange Humble Band is lead by Darryl Mather (of the Someloves), and features Spooner Oldham, Jim Dickinson (who has produced of the Rolling Stones and Alex Chilton), Jody Stephens (of Big Star), Anthony Bautovich (The Lonely Hearts), and Ken as the lead singer. The band is produced by Mitch Easter (who produced R.E.M.'s first two albums and went on to produce Ken's second solo album, Touched).

Mather formed the Australia-based band in 1995, and they recorded 2 albums (1998's Assorted Creams and 2000's Humblin' (Across America)), and the 1999 Down In Your Dreams EP.

Ken on working with the band, from the go.to/posies Q&A from 2000:
Question: Did recording of the first album, it proceed without problem? A feeling which I receive from that album is very friendly indeed.
KS: My part was easy! I wasn't there for the rest. I just came in and sang 8 hours a day for 10 days or so. It was very much a discipline, like martial arts for the mind and throat, I believe. Not work, not play, but an exercise. It was very good for my mind!

Question: I knew that you have a talent more than I understood it so far by this album. I mean... I think the way that you in it sing to be more various than your works until the then. Was Darryl a dictator about your part? Or, did he respect "thought toward the melody of yours" most?
KS: Darryl had a very clear vision about what he wanted. The melody was very much presented in a way that left little room for interpretation or improvisation. My main contributions were tone and intensity.

Question: Actually, the first album was praised by the many people who could know it, you know... Did you think that this project would catch such praise after that? And, did this happening give you/your own project any influences?
KS: OHB is in a separate world from my own work, but it was very encouraging to get praise for just being a singer. It did add to my confidence as a vocalist.

Question: This time, the recording of your part was done in Memphis. Right? Were all the second album done in there? How was it done?
KS: All the recording was done in Memphis, at Ardent Studios, where Big Star, REM, Replacements, Led Zeppelin etc. have all recorded. A great studio. I think it was done all at once, as opposed to the fisrt album, which was started in Australia, and much later worked on in North Carolina, and I think some other things were done here and there. Although, I think some of the mixing for this album was done at Mitch Easter's studio in North Carolina.

Question: I haven't listened to the second album yet. Is sound different from the former stuff? Or, is it on the same way?
KS: I think the sound quality is better, and the 'band' is fantastic. Plus, all these great musicians like Jody Stephens, Spooner Oldham, Jim dickinson... it's a pretty heavy lineup. The sound is more... solid this time around.

Question: I don't know about Spooner Oldham and Jim dickinson... Where did they come from?
KS: Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham wrote and produced the music of the Box Tops, and wrote other great 60s/70s songs as well. Spooner has played piano with Neil Young over the years, on and off. Jim Dickinson produced Big Star, Mudhoney, etc...plus played piano for the Rolling Stones among other things!

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